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Types of Investigation

Note: Private Investigators also conduct investigations for criminal matters and assist police departments. 


Insurance may include personal injury, motor vehicle accident, fire and casualty, etc.

Family Law

Includes infidelity, cohabitation, child custody, and any  family related issues or concerns.

Skip Tracing

Taking the necessary steps in locating a missing person(s) or in rare cases, pets.

Worker's Comp

Investigating employees that have been hurt on the job and now claiming compenstion.

Due Diligence

The necessary steps a business or person should take prior to a deal or expenditure.

Social Media

Locating social media, recording found data and analyzing the information.


Background checks, due diligence, corporate fraud examination, financial crimes.

Bug Sweep

Using state of the art equipment to take counter-sureveillance measurements.


Previous addresses, bankruptcies, criminal/ civil complaints, etc.

Cyber Crime

Cyber crimes can range from very basic to extremely complex. 


Interrogation techniques, interviews and lie detection practices.  

Asset Search

Gathering personal property information, ownership details and other asset info.

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