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Skip Tracing


Skip tracing is the act of locating someone. A private investigator will use skip tracing on many cases.  A subject of skip tracing may have moved from a last known location, and either refuses to be located or is difficult to find.  There are many Open-Source Intelligence (OSINT) methods and databases that are available for licensed investigator use.  These databases can assist in finding information that is not available to general public, such as phone numbers, current addresses, social security numbers, current employers and relatives information.  'Skip' refers to a person who may have 'skipped' town, and 'tracing' refers to tracking them down. 


A subject in a skip tracing case may include witnesses in a lawsuit, a person to be served (process service), estate heirs that are unable to be contacted, people who owe money that needs to be collected, defendants in a legal matter, fraudulent clients and lost family members.  

Gathering intelligence is only the first step in skip tracing.  The next step will be to compile and analyze the data found. Then, to physically locate this person by conducting extensive internet research, interviews, surveillance and canvassing 

If you are looking for someone in a legal matter, you should be in contact with a lawyer, private investigator, or both for assistance.  These are usually matters that should not be taken in the hands of unauthorized parties and could potentially harm your case.  


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