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What to do if your child is missing?

Call your local Law Enforcement Agency Immediately.

Request to Issue a BOLO, and Enter Child's Info into The National Crime Information Center (NCIC), Contact The Media, Organize a Search, and Ask about Search Dogs.

Search your Home or Location Thoroughly

Closets, Cabinetry, Basement, Under Beds, Inside Appliances, Piles of Laundry, Vehicles, Sheds and anywhere a child may crawl or hide. Check Perimeters.

Write Down as Many Details as Possible.

Use a Notebook if Possible

Who was with the child? (Family, Friends, Neighbors)

What was your child wearing? Child's Description

Where was the last place you saw the child? 

When did you see the child last?

Would the child have any reason to run or hide?

Does the child have favorite hiding places?

Preserve your Home or Location

Limit Visitors to Your Home or Location until Law Enforcement Arrives.   Do not touch or remove anything that could be considered evidence. Remember that clothing, sheets, personal items, computers, and even trash may contain information of the whereabouts of your child.

Call NCMEC at 1-800-THE-LOST (800-843-5678). 

active amber alerts!


The application, which works on most Apple and Android smartphones and tablets, allows users to store up-to-date images and physical descriptions—like height, weight, birthmarks, etc.—that could help responders in the event of an emergency. The information is stored only on your device—not with your mobile provider or the FBI.

For Apple Devices


For Android Devices


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Rogersville, TN

Missing since Jun 15, 2021

Summer Wells

Age:              5

Sex:               Female

Height:          3'0"

Weight:         40 lbs.

Eyes:             Blue

Hair:              Blonde


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