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Worker's compensation cases often involve an injury or illness incurred while working for an employer while on the clock.  Although worker's compensation cases are more of an employee protection that requires no proof of fault, the extent to the compensation can be determined by using a private investigator to gather information and any evidence that may negate any claims the subject may testify.   


Once the subject files for worker's compensation, they give up their right to sue the employer or another employee for negligence, however they may still be able to file a lawsuit in the event that the there is proof the injury was cause with intent.  

Construction Site

The Occupational Safety and Health (OSHA) Administration has set many standards that employer's must practice.



A Private Investigator may be hired to keep tabs on a claimant in the matter, and see if they are truthful in their claims.   

A Private Investigator can also be hired to go undercover and check out the work place in some cases to make ensure compliance of policies and procedures, rules and regulations and even laws.  A private investigator may also be hired to gather facts regarding behavioral complaints and any activity that may lead to a reason for suit.

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