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Find information on how to obtain your Private Investigator License!

Find the best tools and options for your research needs within your state!

Find the best training in the state of New Jersey

Texas Association of Licensed Investigators

Find a trusted Private Investigator in your area

County Websites

There are 254 Counties in Texas.  The list of links to county websites can be found at Texas Association of Counties. 

Private Detective License Information

In the state of Texas, you may apply if you:

  • have three (3) consecutive years of experience as an investigator 


  • have a Bachelor's degree in Criminal Justice


  • have a Bachelor's degree in other major with one (1) year of Investigation experience

Texas Research Resources

judge gavel _edited_edited.png

NOTE: Further details about criminal complaints can be found by visiting any County Criminal Division in person and accessing Promis/ Gavel through the county's intranet.

Criminal Search

Sex Offender Registry

 - Locate a sex offender and where they reside.

Inmate Search

 - includes released, paroled and escaped persons.

Civil Case Search

Hire a PI
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