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New York

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County Websites

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Private Detective License Information

New York licensing requires passing a written exam.  


You must be 25 years of age and a principal in the business entity to be licensed. Additionally, as the individual possessing the expertise to oversee the day-to-day conduct of investigations, you must have passed the private investigator examination within the two years immediately prior to your application date and have either three years experience or three years equivalent position and experience. All applicants must be fingerprinted.

The license is obtained through the NY Department of State.  You can find more information regarding Private Investigation licensing in NY by visiting the DOS website.

For more information regarding the mandatory fingerprinting please visit:

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New York Research Resources

Criminal Search

Parolee Search:   

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Court Case Search

Police Records

In the State of New York, to obtain police report records, CHRS Request forms must be filed out and given to the appropriate city or agency.  

Criminal History Records Search form


Note: A $65 fee may apply and these are informal records of criminal history in the State of New York.  

Property Search

In NYS you will need to visit the county website to search property information.  Some counties may not provide this information.  Please find the link for your county search above.

Vital Records Request (Fee may apply)

Vital records include, marriage, birth, and death certificates, civil unions and genealogy records.  Some information may not be available to a third party and fees apply.  

Business Search

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Training Resources

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Hire a Private Investigator

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